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 General Information

The colder climate countries have the better wetlook scenes. Hotter places like in the USA, Australia or other tropical locations tend to have poor wetlook potential, because in most of the very hot places you are only going to see people wearing bathing suits. It is better to go to colder beaches. Such as those in Europe, where people are less inclined to wear bathing suits and wear jeans and a shirt instead.

The exception to the hot climate rule, would be various muslim countries such as Tunisia, Malaysia, Arab, Turkey etc, where no matter how hot it gets, the women must still be clothed while in the water, due to religious reasons.

The Hindu religion plays a role in other countries, which require that they perform their daily "ablutions" (ritual bathing) at dusk every day like in India, Indonesia and the island of Bali. You just wait on the beach until the evening, to see all the girls who come home from school and bathe in the sea fully clothed in their dresses or jeans.


In large parts of Asia it is common to swim fully dressed instead of changing to a swim suit. Thailand is just ideal.

Waterfalls in Thailand are always worth to visit.

Near Bangkok is the Erewan National Park. In the upper reaches of the river Kwae Yai you'll find a beautiful waterfall. Along the waterfall are certain terraced slope levels. There you swim like in a pool. People are in the habit of swimming fully dressed there.

How to get there:
Take the train from Bangkok (Thonburi station) to Kanchanaburi. That Town is also wellknown, of the famous "river kwai bridge". From Kanchanaburi you can either book for a one day trip or you take a Bus (2 hours ride/distance 65 km) to the Park and stay at BOY SCOUT CAMP or EREWAN RESORT.

At the Weekend it's quite full. A lot of Thais use that bath to escape and relax of Bangkok Town.

In south Thailand is the TON NGA CHANG Waterfall. You'll get there easily by taxi or by bus. from the town Hat Yai. See the people I met and what they like to do there.

 New Zealand

Its temperate climate lends itself to walking in the rain. Hundreds of perfect beaches line its coasts, while hot springs and warm natural pools dot the interior. Being a thoroughly Western culture, New Zealand has no public wet clothes tradition, as in Southeast Asia. Seclusion is the appropriate setting. Nevertheless, you will find just as many "accidental" or spontaneous wet scenes as anywhere else. And its plentiful and accessable secluded venues, both on the two main islands and the many offshore isles and cays, recommend New Zealand to the wet clothes enthusiast.

The best wet holiday in New Zealand is a hiking (or tramping as they say Downunder) holiday. Transportation, both public and private, is plentiful, and hitch-hiking is easy. The Kiwis are reserved, yet very kind and friendly. A smile and good manners will likely get you a ride - even if you are soaking wet! And don't worry about being in a wet condition - New Zealand has a wet climate and landsape, so seeing someone in wet clothes is not terribly out of place.

Here is a short narrative, based on Jack's(?) experiences in New Zealand:
"I had three wet experiences in New Zealand: a rain experience, a beach experience, and a hot springs experience.

"My rain experience happened in the Wirinaki, a secluded and sparcely visited National Park on the North Island. The trail parallels a stream most of the way, through a lush rainforest, and just above the camping hut, where you will overnight, is a widening of the stream and a nice beachy cove and cave, where I soaked up the gentle rain and waded and splashed around in my clothes. The Abel Tasman National Park is on the north shore of South Island and is entered via ferry out of Nelson. The beaches are awesome and provided the setting for the self-taken snapshot of me. The end of the trail will take you to the Awaroa camping resort, which is ajacent to more nice beaches and provides a nice headquarters for day hikes around the area.

"Back on North Island, I took an air taxi to Great Barrier Island. There, I plunged into the interior and found complete seclusion in which to swim in deep, hot-spring-fed creeks and to wallow in warm mud holes just off the trail.

"I would have covered more wet venues, but had not traveled to New Zealand alone, and had to rejoin my party after taking these personal wet excursions. And there are indeed many, many more wet venues to enjoy in Kiwi country, that can be found by consulting the many local guidebooks and well-marked maps."


In a muslim country, due to religious reasons, the more conservative women prefer to bathe fully clothed in public pools, beaches etc. It is common to swim fully clothed on beaches or waterfalls where not so much tourists are. It is at tourist infested beaches where the Malay menfolk would feast their eyes watching bikini clad tourists. Even here many locals bathe fully clothed but a tourist might feel uneasy doing the same in front of their fellow men thus the best wetlook scenes you'll find and also participate in would be at waterfalls (air terjun). In fact you might feel uneasy in your swimwear in these places being the odd man out. Moreover you might catch pneumonia bathing in the cold waters dressed scantily. So if you take a swim the local way, you'll see that you are welcome... Actually you can go to any waterfall (air terjun) that is mentioned in your local guidebook. For some reasons or other waterfalls are more frequented by the Malays rather than the tourists or other races in Malaysia. So prepare yourself to stay wet the whole day.

Kota Tinggi
About 56 km north of Johor Bahru and 16 km from Kota Tinggi, there is this nice waterfall (just see). Water cascades down the slopes of Gunong Muntahak from a height of 34 metres into natural swimming pools. One of the pools reaches a depth of nearly 8 metres and there are other pools for paddling and wading. From Johor Bahru it is a 40 minutes drive. On the weekend many Singaporeans come here for an excursion or a weekend stay.. You can stay right at the waterfall at the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort (Tel: 07-8836222 Fax: 07-8831146) Room rate: RM 70 Weekend RM 115 - a little expensive.

The Sungai Pandan Waterfalls which spans 11 hectares is 25 km from Kuantan. There are no buses from Kuantan to here. You take a taxi or drive with your vehicle the Hightway No 2 to Kuala Lumpur. Take exit to Panching and turn (U-turn) towards "Batu Kem 10 km". Turn left into Batu Kem 10 km and follow this road through palm oil plantations. After approximately 5 km you will reach a Quari (kuari) which reads Air Terjun. This is on the left side of the road. Just follow down this dirt road which passes by a rotan plantation and you will reach the waterfalls. Entrance fee is charged per vehicle (RM 3 per car). Accommodation at the falls are not avaible.

Kuala Terengganu - Sekayu
Sekayu is approximately 56 km from Kuala Terengganu and 16 km from Kuala Berang. There are buses and taxis regulary plying the main road to Kuala Berang and from there you can easily get a taxi to Sekayu. Visitors will also get the opportunity to see different species of wildlife or jungle trekking. The beautiful 3-tiered waterfall is one of the main attractions. There are 2 units of rest-house and 3 units of chalet available. Room rate: RM 30 and RM 40 per chalet. The Sekayu camping site is a choice if you are interested in spending the night outdoor. It is advisable to arm yourself with mosquito repellents. You have to bring your own food there are no Restaurants at Sekayu. For further information and enquiries, contact Pejabat Hutan Lipur Sekayu 09-6252510.

Along the hightway No.2 from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur you'll pass by the village Maran. Passing through the town, look out for the sign Teladas Waterfall(Air Terjun Teladas). Turn into this road and look out for the sign Hutan Lipur Teladas which is on your left. After about 2km you´ll reach the site. The waterfall is on your left and the big signboard which reads Hutan Lipur is meant for jungle trekking. It´s nice for a break if you´re travelling from KL to Kuantan or vice versa.

Kuala Lumpur
22 km north Kuala Lumpur is the Hutan Kanching (Templer Park). Busses plying from Pudu Raya Bus station every 15 minutes.You walk a 1 km distance up to the falls. At the weekend many people come there for picnics. Leave the place in time (about 5 pm). Gangs do meet there sometimes at night and robberies has been reported.

Generally at these spots it is better to stay with the crowd especially where you see families having their picnics.


The purpose of this section is to list fountains where people use to bathe and play fully dressed of course - on a warm summer day. Actually every big town has numerous nice fountains to play in, but as traveler in foreign towns or countries, we should know the name of the best ones in your area and how to get there, if the place is not wellknown. So please add this list.

Trafalgar Square fountains. Just see. On December 31st go for a frolic in the fountains, along with one million other New Years revellers who will be there... One amendment - Trafalgar Squqre fountains are no longer operational on 31 December. This was a very good event, according to the TV pictures. Unfortunately there were a few accidents so now the fountains are drained and boarded up by the police....anyway in summer people play in.

Sydney, Australia:
In the fountains at "Kings Cross" - people will celebrate the New Year's Eve. In contrast to London, December in Australia is a summer month!

"Stachus" Fountain (central city) . On a hot summer day you'll always find people who enjoy to take a fresh shower there.

Atlanta, Georgia:
Centennial Olympic Park in downtown has a great fountain which is actually hundreds of water jets in the pavement that spout water at varying heights and times, according to the computer program supporting it and the accompanying music. People play in it all the time. Non-slippery shoes are required.