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By filling out the form on the following page, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (TaC):
  • Spam messages, and forwarded messages are not permitted among users of this list. If you wish to mass-forward messages, do not forward them to other users of this list.
  • WAMCentral makes no guarantee that the information on this page is private. Any person on the internet who views this page has access to all information displayed on it.
  • Watersports, scat, and other fetishes are not permitted on this list. WAM does not involve these fetishes. This does not mean you cannot be listed here, but it does mean that you agree to keep these fetishes off the list.
  • Harassment will not be tolerated on this list. Please use some common sense when contacting other people for the first time. If I get complaints from other members, you will be removed from the list without notice.
  • WAMCentral reserves the right to add, remove, of modify these TaC at any time without notice.

By choosing to Continue you agree to abide by these TaC. You realize that WAMCentral has the authority to add or remove members of this list for not following these TaC at their discression and without notice.

 ICQList Info
The WAM ICQ List is now in Perl format. Some of the new features include:
  • Automatic updates - When a new entry is submitted, it is automatically listed. We no longer have to add everything manually.
  • Search feature (Soon) - You can now search for people on the list, rather than sorting through the entire thing.

Click here to see the list