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UMD Forum
The Ultimate Messy Directory's Forum

Splat Forum
General WAM chit-chat...

 Web Clubs/Communities

The Wet and Messy Wrestling Club
Yahoo Club dedicated to wet and messy wrestling

The Messy Wrestling Pit
Another Yahoo Club dedicated to messy wrestling

Wet and Messy Fun
Yahoo Club dedicated to wet and messy fun

WAM Jeans
Yahoo Club dedicated to wet and messy jeans

Messy and Dressy Crossdressers
Yahoo Club dedicated to Crossdressers who like to dress up and get messy

Messy John
It's a Yahoo Club... Description coming soon.

WAM Pics
Yahoo Club for trading WAM pictures

Sex With Food is Hot Something to do on a cold winter day?

Post Your Pics of Food Sex
... Unless, of course, you don't want to.

Wet and Messy Women
No description yet.

Mud Wrestling
Yahoo Club dedicated to Mudwrestling