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Foam Parties -> Ibiza | Germany | United States
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 General Information

Many discos round the world hold foam parties. Others have an attached pool and do regular pool parties, also called beach- or splash parties. It is a very good possibility to soak your clothes within a gay atmosphere, because later the night people will jump/fall into the pool. The foam cannons usually start around or at exactly twelve a clock. Before midnight you can't find much wetlook there - only music. There are plenty in Spain,Germany, USA, Mexico and I am sure in many more countries. It is attractive for wet and messy travelers, because most are within typical tourism areas like Ibiza, Mallorca, Florida or big towns as New York. I will start with a list of these Discos in Spain and Germany with a short description. If you know more, just let me know. I'll add.


It gets very wet when foam pours out of the foam machine at Discothek "Amnesia" (Ibiza Town) or the traditional water parties in "Es Paradise" (San Antonio at the harbour - Travesia Dr. Flemming) starts. The water parties at Es Paradise is called "Fiesta del Aqua" and takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. Entrance fee is 3000 pts - about 25 US$.

Half way between San Antonio and Ibiza town is the small village San Rafael. The swimming pool of the local disco "Privileg"(earlier "Ku") is the biggest of the whole island and is better known than the Village itself. That gigantism of wetlook fun you have to pay with an entrance of about US $40.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays foam parties are held at the discothek "Kiss" (Ibiza Town) Entrance pts 2500 to 3000. About US $15.

If you've had enought of tecno, take a drink at the Beachbar "The Bull Bar" right at the beach Playa de'l Bossa - Ibiza town. The prices for drinks are quite reasonable and the music is mixed (tecno-free) . At the stroke of midnight on Sunday, the foam machine starts to pour for about half an hour. Different from the big discos, the machine woun't run the night through, but it is enough to soak your clothes over with foam. Then, people will wash out the foam a few steps further - in the open ocean. All this fun at absolutely free of charge.

Further information on Ibiza - call the local travel information center of Ibiza: 0034 - 971 - 301900


The most hold foam parties every now and again. You see the telephone number and (if possibly) the internet address. If you visit this country, just contact these discos.

Discothek Alcatraz with their attached pool organize regular foam parties in summer (May to September). Every weekend people will cool down inside the pool.

Hotline phone: 0049-9951-98300 or office phone: 0049-9951-983030.

Disco Stahlwerk also organize foam parties in summer. You can see the program at their website.

Hotline phone 0049-211-7308681 or office phone 0049-211-730350

 Unites States

San Diego
There is a club in the Gaslamp District (historic downtown) called 'the Blue Tattoo' which holds foam dancing every Wednesday night. There doors open at 8:00 and admission is free until 9:30. At 9:15 you find about two feet of foam already on the dance floor, with more foam working it's way out of the three pipes suspended over the dance floor in a slow continuous ooze.

The club's twenty- and thirty-something crowd is an eclectic one, composed of all types in all types of dress. There is a predominately straight crowd, but you'll notice several "same sex" dance couples - both female and male. Still - probably it is the draw of the foam rather than any sexual connotation which call those couples to the floor.

The bar is fairly standard, in an older building on the basement level. The music is good, live DJ running risque contests and playing enough different types of dance music to keep everyone happy. They serve beer, wine and mixed drinks and offer drink specials throughout the evening. The Blue Tattoo's cover charge after 9:30 is $5.00, and they were running $2.50 "well" drink specials all night.